by - 12/15/2012

As it's coming up to NYE I thought I would start thinking about my New Years Resolutions. I normally make one or two of the same resolutions every year and never stick to them. This year WILL be different.

Here are my resolutions:

  • Read more - I used to be such a bookworm but as I got older I started to read less and less. I have a whole bookshelf in my room of unread or half read books to read!
  • Be more organised - I have always been a pretty relaxed person about everything: going out, money, homework, life in general. I need to grow up and get my butt into gear this year! Also I need to buy a watch.
  • Be ready for action - When I'm at home, which is pretty much all the time lol, I always look a hot mess! Firstly I need to invest in some actual PJs before my boyfriend dumps me for steeling his tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts for bed. Secondly I need to wake up a purpose everyday: so wake up in the MORNING, get dressed, do my hair and be ready to do something, even if it is just to walk the dog! 
  • Get a hobby - I met someone for the first time the other day and they asked me what my hobbies are... I thought for a minute and then realised I didn't have a hobby. All I do is eat and read blogs and this has got to change! I'm going to look into it ad take up a sport and an activity so that I become more active.
  • Blog more - I really like blogging but I'm just too lazy to keep it up. Hopefully all these other resolutions will help this.
  • Travel more - I love travelling and used to travel all the time (see my previous blog here) but in the last year I've hardly been anywhere. I'm young and free so why not?
  • Finally, reteach myself Spanish. I have studied Spanish from secondary school all the way through to university, but since I started learning Portuguese my Spanish has gotten worse and worse and now it basically doesn't exist. I have so many Spanish and Latina friends that it should be easy to get back to my previous level. I just have to try.
What are your NYRs?

Sorry for the lack of picture posts, my camera is broken! Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Lots of love

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