Paris premier jour

This weekend my boyfriend and I hopped over to Paris for a romantic getaway. We went to Paris 2 years ago for my 21st birthday and although we had the most amazing and enchanting time, we hardly saw anything. This time we made sure we hit up all the tourist spots, ate in the cutest restaurants and got lost on the streets of Paris. 

Here are pictures from the first day: we didn't get up to much, we pretty much walked around the area of the hotel and ate crepes. 

Paris je t'aime


  1. I'm going to Paris the first weekend of May, can´t wait! It will be my 4th time, but there is always stuff you haven't seen before and the favourite ones you go and see over and over again.


    1. Oooh have a good time! I'm excited to see your post and what you get up to :) xxx