Makeup Revamp

by - 7/18/2013

You know when you get to that time in your life when all of your makeup runs out at the same time. That happened to me this month. Yesterday I went on a mini shopping spree to replace my makeup. I normally buy my makeup in the UK and brands like SmashBox and No7 are non-existent here in Portugal so I had to improvise. I replaced my Smashbox BB Cream with the Sleek BB Cream and decided to buy a few bits from Kiko, which is becoming my new favourite shop and we have it in London now too!

My dressing room has been taken over by a boy house guest over the last few weeks so I'm basically living out of boxes at the moment. This week I'll get my room back and I am so excited to hang up all my lovely new clothes and go back to applying my makeup in a girly environment rather than rushed in my badly lit bathroom.

By the way this is my hair after a second hair cut. My new hair dresser really sorted the shape out, but unfortunately she isn't a magician so she couldn't make the front grow so I just have to wait for that to happen. Since the original cut my hair has been ridiculously dry and every time I look in the mirror I get upset, I don't look or feel like myself any more. Since I've had it cut I've worn it down in public about 3 times (I've had my hair tied up for over a month!) It's crazy what one bad haircut can do for your confidence. Bring on September so I can get my extensions put back in! 

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  1. Your hair looks good. But I know what you mean. Been through that before. I love Kiko make-up! But they don't sell it over here in Holland :(

  2. you still look gorgeous girl !!!