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On Monday night I went on a girls night out with my oldest friend Roxanne and a new friend Jasmine - don't you just love making new girl friends. I knew my seventeen year old sister was going to be out that night but I didn't realise that that meant that everyone out was going to be nineteen and under. I know I'm only twenty three but I felt like such a grandma as everything was so different. Every girl I looked at was wearing flat shoes and leggings and there was me with my skinny trousers and booties thinking I was going casual but really I was the most dressed up girl in town. 

When my friends and I were in Sixth Form and just started going to clubs we would go dressed to the nines. Meaning a full face of makeup, spending hours styling our hair and then a few more hours choosing a sexy, yet demure, outfit and heels. We cannot forget the heels! Well last night I found out that for most of the new generation, in North-West London, this is not the case.
Apparently the new style is to wear converse and leggings with some kind of crop top (even if you really shouldn't). I know I've been living abroad for a year but I feel like I've missed so much. For example can any eighteen year old tell me why you will take time to put on a full face of makeup but then shove your hair up in the messiest bun imaginable?!

So this post goes out to the new generation of club goers. This is what my friends and I would consider an appropriate casual night-out outfit. 

I want to hear from you all, young and old. What do you think is appropriate for a casual night-out or is casual even appropriate in your opinion?

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  1. I love these outfit choices, especially the black crop top!