by - 3/24/2014

Last weekend I drove up north for a university reunion. They say the friends you make at uni are your friends for life and I truly agree with that statement. My friend Alice and I drove up to a little village just outside of Manchester to meet our two friends Rachel and Elle. Rachel has just moved into the sweetest village I have ever seen in real life and invited us to stay at her cute little cottage. The whole weekend we were dressed in baggy jeans / tracksuit bottoms and my hair was up in a very dirty bun pretty much the whole time. It was perfect. I love meeting with my uni girl friends as we used to live together and have so many funny stories to look back on and laugh about. We're all meeting in a few weeks as we have decided to make this a regular thing now we are all settled in one place. I can't wait til next time girls! Miss you already!x

Do you still keep in contact with your school / university friends?

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