Everyday Makeup Routine | Winter Edition

by - 1/19/2016

I've just started a new job, and with that comes an earlier start and consequently a new makeup routine. I used to drive to work and do my makeup in the car, but as I've started getting the tube to my new office, I've had to wake up that little bit earlier to make sure I not only look presentable, but my skin is prepped properly to prevent breakouts. 

I've been using the Chanel Perfection Lumière foundation and concealer combo on and off for a while now and I will happily tell you that it is my favourite base 
combination ever. I have tried a lot of foundations in my time and this is pretty much the first time a foundation a) hasn't caused me to break out b) matches my colouring and c) is actually build-able for a day-to-night look. 

I received the Blurfection Smooth & Illuminate Primer in my Bloggers Hangout Sleepover goodie bag and recently started using it. I've been a die hard Smashbox Primer fan for a few years now, but I thought I'd try something new and I wasn't at all disappointed. 

Although I've always known it's importance, my current focus during these cold winter months is skin prep pre-foundation, as I want to age gracefully.    


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  1. Your face is flawless. Maybe I should tty this foundation...


    1. Thank you, Mich!

      Definitely get a tester and try it for yourself! x

  2. Love love love!!
    You are soo pretttyy gorgeous!!!
    Check my blog and my new post!
    xx, A Be-atriz