Curly Hair Routine ft Design Essentials

by - 10/22/2016

So I uploaded a Youtube video last week showing you my current wash & go situation. Let me know what you think! After going heat free in February 2015 I tried so many products and brands that I now have my wash & goes down to a fine art! I always used to complain about my curly hair and say how difficult it was to manage, but I must have been crazzzzy. 

After months of trial and error, I eventually found which products worked for me and which brands I can trust with my hair. At the end of the day everyone's different and something I learned early on is that hair care is so personal.

Products used:

Aquis Towel
Design Essentials Shampoo
Design Essentials Conditioner 
Design Essentials Deep Conditioner
Design Essentials Leave-in Conditioner
Design Essentials Milk Souffle
Boucleme Curl Cream

What are your wash & go staples?

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