Getting my Winter Body with Results With Lucy

by - 11/08/2016

A few months ago I signed up for a Results with Lucy account. I used to watch Towie and I always loved (or loved to hate at times) Lucy Meck. She's always been pretty but then there was that day when we all woke up and she was all of a sudden SUPER HOT...

So she's got this website which is basically an online hub of personal training and fitness which consists of videos and plans to get you the body you want. I went for the ‘6 Pack Abs’ & EatWell Advanced package as I really wanted to focus on toning up and defining my abdominals, but there are a load of plans to choose from.

If you're like me and lack confidence and inspiration with your fitness plans then I would 100% suggest signing up for a Results With Lucy plan so you can workout with conviction. I would never have posted a bikini shot on my blog before this... and to be honest these pictures were taken on a hangover after I'd eaten my weight in donuts and crisps during the hour long car journey to get to this location!

Have you tried Results with Lucy? What did you think?

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