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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Be Right Back

Wednesday, 26 August 2015
My long time lovers may have noticed that the blog has changed a bit... I'm in the middle of redesigning The Stylum and making big plans, so please bare with me!

Next month I'll be back with a bang but if you can't wait that long follow me on Instagram to see what I'm getting up to!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Curly Hair Magazine Launch

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Last month I was invited to the Curly Hair Magazine launch party in Central London. Curly Hair Magazine is a new free magazine that is inspired and written by the natural hair community in the UK.

Although I get excited for all the events I attend, I was so excited for this as I knew it would be full of  the UK's best and biggest hair - and I love me some natural hair bloggers!

The event started at 5pm but I arrived at around 7pm as I came after work. As soon as I stepped out of piccadilly Circus Station I saw the beauty that is Fro Girl Ginny. Every time I see Ginny I get so excited because she literally exudes positive energy and instantly puts a smile on my face. So I ran over to her and was able to walk into the event with her and the gorgeous Nia (NiaKnowsHair), which was perfect as I hate when you have to walk into a part alone!

As soon as we arrived we were welcomed with the most amazing smell of hair products and a goodie bag and then the mingling began!

It was such a lovely night, there were singers, spoken word and a DJ who was playing tune after absolute tune! I think I missed a lot of the demonstrations from the goodie bag sponsors, such as Curl formers, but still had such a great time meeting new naturals and chatting with some new friends. This magazine is really exciting and I can't wait to walk past my nearest stockist and pick it up this month!

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Photography curtesy of Iyanka Cooray

 Dress Topshop | Shoes Steve Madden | Bag Michael Kors 

This little Topshop summer dress has been a staple in my summer wardrobe of late. I am the epitomé
 of a lazy dresser and hate being restricted or uncomfortable in any way so for a warm sunny day, this dress has been a dream come true. It's one of those dresses that you can dress up or down and is the perfect shape so a bra is in no way necessary (I hate wearing a bra, as we all know!). I met up with my friend Iyanka after work a few weeks ago and we took some pictures whilst we were strolling through the city. It's just so nice to be able to wear something to work and feel comfortable to then leave and go out in the same outfit! 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Natural Hair Daily Photoshoot | Coquine: The Beauty of Kinky Hair Realized

Thursday, 6 August 2015

A few months ago now (wow doesn't time fly!) I was fortunate enough to attend a photoshoot hosted by Natural Hair Daily. American portrait photographer Kelvin Bullock had come to the UK and was looking for some models for his project called Coquine: The Beauty of Kinky Hair Realized. Kelvin's project really excited me as the aim of it is to highlight the beauty of kinky hair of all types. He has also partnered with Feeding America and through his project, is encouraging donations. If you're interested in this project, here's the link to his website where you can find out a little more.

Prior to this shoot I'd only been wearing my hair in its naturally curly state for a few months and wasn't very familiar with many natural hair and curly hair bloggers. So this event was an amazing opportunity to get myself emerged into the UK's natural hair scene! I met some amazing girls at the shoot and just from this one day I have been able to not only make some new friends, but to also start a new journey with my blog into the world of natural hair!

A huge thank you to Kel, Elle and Neecie for asking me to be apart of this project! And make sure you check out Kelvin's website to see the rest of the beautiful ladies he has shot for Coquine.