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Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Bloggers Secret Hangout

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Last Friday I was invited to The Bloggers Secret Hangout event in London. This was the first of it's kind for The Bloggers Hangout and oh my was it a good night! Six bloggers were invited to stay over at a gorgeous apartment in South London. Once we arrived, we were greeted with massages, nail painting and all the snacks you could think of. The evening was extremely chilled, we got to know each other, watched some Netflix and ate the most amazing dinner made and delivered to us by EatFirst. Unfortunately I had a camera malfunction and have no photos of the actual night (bad blogger), but the memories are there to stay, ahaha. We were given two of the hugest goodie bags I have ever seen,  full of the most amazing gifts which included beauty products, gourmet food and drinks, candles, a bikini, and so much more. I have so many things to review thanks to this event so keep an eye on my social media and blog over the next couple of weeks as these products will definitely be in use!

I have been to so many blogging events, but this by far was my favourite and dare I say it... the best. Thank you to Danielle from The Bloggers Hangout for the invitation and to all the brands that sponsored the evening, I cannot wait to try all these amazing goodies!

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Saturday, 31 October 2015

The H&M Flared Jeans

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Body Chain H&M
Hat Primark (similar here)

I am currently Snapchat obsessed (@thestylum FYI), and I make it a habit to follow all my favourite bloggers and brands to keep in the loop. A few weeks ago Lydia Millen posted a picture on her snapchat wearing the above flared jeans, and I made it my personal challenge to hunt them down and buy them -luckily it wasn't too difficult as she tweeted the link. As soon as I bought them, I couldn't wait to put this outfit together. You can probably tell I'm loving the 70s vibe right now (see previous style post), but I just love comfortable clothes that take little effort to put together.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lush Face Masks Review | Oatifix & Catastrophe Cosmetic

Thursday, 29 October 2015
Lush Oatifix Face Mask
Lush Oatifix Face Mask
Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask
Lush Oatifix Face Mask, Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

So I'm a Lush Cosmetics convert. I know I'm late to the party but better late than neverI guess. My mum suffers from severe migraines and one of her triggers is perfume / scents, so when I was younger we never had overly smelly products in the house. In my old local shopping centre you could smell the Lush store from afar and every time we walked past I wanted to go in so much, but dreaded bringing anything home! I've just moved into a new flat and my skin has been very bad recently so I headed to lush to get some bits, as I'd heard their face masks were amazing. And yes they bloody are! I purchased Catastrophe Cosmetic and Oatifix and I love them both.

Catastrophe Cosmetic

What Lush says: A calming and moisturising fresh face mask packed with blueberries, calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils to soothe and soften the skin.

What I say: This is a fridge staple in my household. I've gone through two of these babies so far and I'm ready to purchase my third. It is 100% the face mask to use when your skin is in dire need of moisture and rejuvenation. I'd probably go as far as saying it it the perfect quick fix for those days when you break out for lord knows what reason and need your face to look normal (actually way better than normal) instantly. And don't get me started on how good it smells!


What Lush says: This gentle, nourishing mask is made with fresh bananas and illipe butter to moisturise dry skin. Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin work together in a mildly exfoliating base to eradicate dead skin, leaving you soft, supple and moisturised.

What I say: Oh so sticky, but oh so good. I wasn't sure about this one when I first got it as it is a very odd consistency, it literally looks like porridge oats in a pot. But when I finally got round to putting it on, I was like "OK, I see where this is going"...

This face mask smells like breakfast heaven and although its a bit sticky and takes longer to clean off than other face masks on the market, I have never felt my skin so baby butt soft. I am a huge fan of this mask and I urge everyone to go out and buy it as it is just too good to keep to myself!

My next Lush adventure will be in the world of cleansers... to be continued my friends.